What People Are Saying About Val:

For nearly twenty years, I have appreciated Val Monk's rare talent. She is a compassionate lady who clearly understands the complexity of family enterprise, knows the energy it takes to grow a business year-over-year and possesses the skill set to translate her understanding into programs that are essential for team development, assuring long-term corporate success. In the 46 years since founding Vector, I have become profoundly aware that our accomplishments to date would mean very little if we were not prepared with an intelligent and enthusiastic team; employees ready for the future on every rung of our corporate ladder. Thanks to Val Monk's strategic guidance and training support, Vector continues to prepare its leaders for the many challenges that lie ahead. Thanks Val!

- Don Whitmore, Chairman and Founder, Vector Group of Companies.

Hi Val. I thought you should know that (sibling's) attitude at work since our last meeting has been really good. It is wonderful to see (sibling) being so cheerful and open to trying new things. I really appreciate all you have been able to do to help us along. We couldn't have done it without you. It feels great to have family growing closer together. Times are tough at work right now but we will persevere. Not having to worry about family dynamics makes my job easier.

- 2nd generation successor

Val offers a great deal of experience and professional knowledge to any organization's behavior needs. We have engaged Val's services for AGM's, employees meetings, management retreats, team building, morale assessments, and reorganization of human resources. She is a great resource for anyone trying to run a business or organization in today's changing world. I recommend Val's services for anyone running a business.

- Scott Zubco, Owner/General Manager CINE Audio Visual; Calgary & Edmonton

The Alberta Business Family Institute (ABFI) and our Creating Pathways Rural Project have been extremely fortunate to have had Val Monk regularly present and facilitate at many of our events and programs. As ABFI exists to ensure that business families continue to be key drivers in our economy, we can always count on Val and her experience from working with business families across North America to be a valuable resource in assisting us with our work.

Val's warmth and compassion is balanced with her professional boundaries and understanding that business families have concerns for their loved ones and also have a bottom line for keeping their businesses strong and profitable as well. Read More

- Shauna Feth, Executive Director of Alberta Business Family Institute and Creating Pathways for Entrepreneurial Families and Judy Manning, Program Administrator of Creating Pathways for Entrepreneurial Families

I would like you to know that my experience at the family meeting was one of those profound and seminal moments in life that will always be with me. You were able to open up on a level of understanding that I never would have believed possible.

- 2nd generation manager