About Us

As someone who grew up in a family business that has been passed on to the second generation, Val has firsthand appreciation for the incredible energy and commitment that goes into a family business. With her combined expertise in psychology, organizational learning and family business systems, Val possesses a unique ability to integrate a diverse range of knowledge, skills, and experiences.

With over 20 years of experience working with business families, Val has condensed her insights into these 12 tips.

  1. Business relationships need to be based on healthy family relationships of mutual respect.
  2. Be informed and educated about the uniqueness of a family business enterprise.
  3. Be committed to learning together as a family, particularly in the area of communication.
  4. Find a comfortable balance between familiarity and professionalism.
  5. Organize and develop your infrastructure to match your growth in the systems that are unique to a family business.
  6. Continuously invest in training and development for all your employees.
  7. Value and practice meritocracy over entitlement.
  8. Aim for a balanced concern for production, profit, and people.
  9. Give equal attention to both the technical issues and the soft issues (which tend to be the hardest to navigate).
  10. Develop an effective team of professional advisors that includes someone who has expertise in the soft issues.
  11. Commit appropriate time and effort to the succession process.
  12. Be intentional and 'on purpose'.
Psychometrics MBTI Certified
Val Monk