Managing the Seven Territories in Family Business
Family Dynamics that Impact  Business Effectiveness
Essential Processes for Succession Planning
Mastering Effective Communication
Balancing Concerns for  Production, Profit and People
Stages of Family Business Development
Mixing and Managing Four Generations in the Workplace
Leadership Development
Establising Meritocracy Over Entitlement
Family Business Risk Management
Roadmap: a Comprehensive Family  Business Education Program
Legacy and Stewardship

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Happy and Successful as a Family Business Is a Reality

Family owned businesses are the backbone of our economy. Being in a family business involves hard work, passion, collaboration and shared vision. As the business grows, so do all the benefits and challenges.

Do You Ever Ask?

  • • How can we start to communicate better?
  • • How can I separate family from business?
  • • How do we get started on a succession plan?
  • • How can we keep up with our growth?
  • • How much longer will we avoid talking about certain issues?
  • • Do I want my kids to come into this business?
  • See Val's 12 Tips for Family Business Success
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